Ichinokura Mukansa Honjozo 720ml

Ichinokura Mukansa Honjozo 720ml


Size: 720ml   | ABV: 16%

In 3 words: Dry, silky and drinkable

This purely clean and surprisingly dry sake is a one of the most popular products from Ichinokura Brewery. Restrained aroma, crisp and sharp on the palate with mint and slight nutty notes. A subtle attack on the senses leads to bright umami and refreshing apple aftertaste.

  • Grade: Honjozo

  • Brewery: Ichinokura

  • Region: Miyagi

  • Rice polishing: 65%

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Try pairing me with ribeye steak

Product Details

Rice variety: Toyo Nishiki

Sweet or dry: Dry

Body: Medium to full

Acidity*: 1.3

Sake Meter Value +10

Amino acids**: -

Food Pairing: Grilled BBQ meats, mushroom risotto or pizza, salty bar snacks

Serving temp: Chilled to room temperature

Dietary: No sulfites, no preservatives. vegetarian, vegan

The Brewery


Set deep in the forests of northern Miyagi, Ichinokura, which literally means "One Brewery", was formed when four long-standing local breweries joined forces to become one. Today Ichinokura is the largest brewery in the prefecture and produces award-winning sake with a sustainable philosophy.

At a glance:

  • Founded in 1973 when 4 local breweries merged around a vision of handcrafted sake

  • Set in Northern Miyagi Prefecture famous for it’s soft underground water ideal for making sake

  • Over 90% of the rice used is grown locally

  • In-house team promotes sustainable agriculture that minimizes environmental impact and helps support local farmers