Award-winning Sake from Japan

Monthly sake subscriptions


What you get

  • Award-winning sake from Japan’s top breweries

  • 1 bottle every month - choose from large or small sizes

  • Flexible Monthly or annual plans

  • Freebies and surprises inside

  • Cancel at anytime


The Sumo Subscription

32.00 every month

Pay £320/year and SAVE £64


Receive one full size (720ml) bottle of premium sake selected by our resident expert delivered every month to taste, share and compare.

Expect to receive:

  • Award-winning Diaginjo

  • High-grade Ginjo

  • Traditionally-brewed Kimoto

  • Rich Junmai to try warmed

  • And many more surprises!

The Samurai Subscription

16.00 every month

or pay £160/year and SAVE £32


Receive one half bottle (300ml) of sake each month and discover your favourites before buying full size. These are an ideal size for an aperitif or single meal serving.

Expect to receive:



To change the subscription shipping address, you will need cancel the subscription and re-subscribe using different shipping details. You can do this via your account or reach out to us and we’ll happily update this for you.