At a glance

  • Founded in 1973 when 4 local breweries merged around a vision of handcrafted sake

  • Set in Northern Miyagi Prefecture famous for it’s soft underground water ideal for making sake

  • Over 90% of the rice used is grown locally

  • In-house team promotes sustainable agriculture that minimizes environmental impact and helps support local farmers

Miyagi prefecture


Set deep in the forests of northern Miyagi, Ichinokura, which literally means "One Brewery", was formed in 1973 when four area breweries joined together - Asami, Katsuki, Sakurai, Matsumoto breweries became one, Ichinokura was born.

The Ichinokura logo represents the four founding families and was created to convey the importance of family ties.

The Ichinokura logo represents the four founding families and was created to convey the importance of family ties.

The oldest brewing house dated from the 1700s, while the youngest was still more than 100 years old. The four linked bars that form the company's emblem symbolize the four groups that came together as one.

Today, the brewery is the largest in Miyagi Prefecture and sits in an imposing modern complex. Yet touring the site you will still find the 40-odd brewery team maintains the personal touch and work ethic of a family run-operation.

Pure Raw Materials

Using the pristine water from the underground streams of the Omatsuzawa hills and rice grown from local farmers, the brewers have a deep pride in their connection to the land and to the area.

Ecologically respectful rice is part of Ichinokura’s commitment; grown so that use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers are reduced as much as possible. This is designed so as not to place a burden on the environment and protect the health of producers and consumers.

They also use returnable bottles and starch-based glue for their labels to limit their net impact on the environment.

The sake itself all uses a variant of the popular yeast No. 9 that enables restrained fermentation at low temperatures and results in exceptionally fragrant aromas, ideal for making ginjo grade sake.

Ichinokura head brewer (Toji) Toyohiko Kadowaki

Ichinokura head brewer (Toji) Toyohiko Kadowaki


An esteemed member of the Nanbu Guild, Toyohiko Kadowaki, has been brewing for over 40 years and is the proud Toji (head brewer) and leads a diverse team of 40-plus kurabito (brewery workers).

Hitoshi Suzuki is the 7th President and current CEO of Ichinokura and son of the brewery’s 3rd president, Waro Suzuki.

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