sake is deliciously confusing


Why weโ€™re here

For those lucky enough to have had their sake epiphany, there is simply no looking back. One taste of the right sake at the right time and world of delicious flavors, unique styles and ancient customs are suddenly revealed (and no wine snobs or craft beer aficionados to tell you you're doing it wrong!). Finding that perfect moment, however, is not easy. Sake for most people is a mystery.

At London Sake we want to help a few more people have their sake epiphany and enjoy it the way we do -  in great condition, at home, with food, with friends, no fuss.

With this in mind we created two simple subscriptions and an easy to navigate bottle shop that allows sake newbies to find new stuff to try at a reasonable price and a wide range of styles to then explore.

Simple, helpful advice

To help guide your journey, our WSET qualified experts have written easy to understand tasting notes, provided advice on serving temperature and suggested a sensible, affordable food pairing designed to enhance the taste experience at home.

Each of our bottles are refrigerated from source right up to the point of delivery so they reach you in the best possible condition

Still not sure where to start? Simply choose a subscription and let our team do the hard work for you.

If you care even just  a little bit about what you drink, where it comes from or how it's made, sake is without doubt one of the most enjoyable and rewarding categories to explore.

We hope you enjoy exploring sake as much as we do.



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