Ninki ichi


  • Established in 1897 in Nihonmatsu City, Fukushima prefecture

  • Small-scale brewery specialising in only ginjo and daiginjo grades

  • Brewing mostly by hand, using traditional methods and tools

The brewery is located in Nihonmatsu City, Fukushima prefecture, surrounded by Abukuma mountain ranges to the east and Adatara Mountain ranges to the west. The melted snow provides an abundant natural water source with a well balanced variety of minerals perfect for brewing sake.


The surrounding land also offers the perfect climate for growing sake rice. The temperature difference between day and night is wide and coupled with the rich soil combines to deliver a rich harvest. This means the brewery can exclusively use this locally grown sake rice to brew their sake.

The decision to double-down on premium sake is to every ginjo sake lovers’s benefit. Produced by carefully fermenting in a low temperature conditions where yeast is not easily active. It takes time and effort, and its management is delicate and precise.

The word NINKI translates to “popularity”, but the actual meaning that this brand uses is “Man (NIN) makes sake by their soul (KI)”. They also added “One (Ichi)” to their name to show that they aim to be #1.

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