Located in Nada, Hyogo, one Japan's most famous sake producing regions, Shirakabegura is part of the Takara group producing sake, shochu and other Japanese delicacies. This brewery produces consistently award-winning premium sake with distinctive production methods such as kimoto and muroka genshu, as well as the popular MIO sparkling sake.

At a glance:

  • Brewing since 1842, using the hard water of Miyamizu, uniquely suited to sake production

  • One of the longest gold medal streaks of any brewery in the Annual Japan Sake Awards

  • A master of the rare traditional kimoto style producing unique flavours

Sake barrels

The Shirakabegura philosophy is to harmonize two contrasting ways of brewing: using new technologies that mimic traditional hand-brewing techniques, and the art of human touch, judgement and intuition passed down through generations of brewers. The result is a range of special, unique and interesting brews, mostly of the Ginjo and Junmai styles. More recently, the brewery has found a new niche with the introduction of MIO Sparkling sake.

The brewery building itself is an imposing six stories high with modern facilities -considered among the best in the industry- spread out over over six thousand square meters in Japan’s most famous sake producing region, Nada.

Nada the spiritual home of sake