Tosatsuru Junmai 'Table Sake' 300ml

Tosatsuru Junmai 'Table Sake' 300ml


Size: 300ml   | ABV: 15%

In 3 words: Great value Junmai

A versatile and casual sake which pairs well with all kinds of food, greatly enhancing umami flavours. Serve warm or chilled.

  • Grade: Futsushu

  • Brewery: Tosatsuru

  • Region: Kochi

  • Rice polishing: 68%

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Try pairing me with ramen

Product Details

Rice variety: Matsuyama Mii and Akebono

Sweet or dry: Medium-dry

Body: Full

Acidity*: 1.5

Sake Meter Value +3

Food Pairing: Casserole, roast meat and veg, ramen or broth

Serving temp: Chilled to Room Temperature

Dietary: No sulfites, no preservatives. vegetarian, vegan