Takara Kyoto Yuzu Liqueur 500ml

Takara Kyoto Yuzu Liqueur 500ml


Size: 500ml   | ABV: 12%

In 3 words: Refreshing, bright and sweet

A unique balance of refreshing citrus notes and roasted shochu aroma. Recommended to enjoy on the rocks or as a spritzer.

  • Style: Yuzu

  • Brewery: Takara

  • Region: Hyogo

  • Rice: Barley Shochu base

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Product Details

Yuzu cocktails

I work great in a cocktail

Rice polishing: 65%

Sweet or dry: Medium-dry

Body: Full

Acidity*: 3.5

Sake Meter Value -60

Food Pairing: fruity ice cream or sorbet, fruit salad, cheesecake

Serving temp: Chilled or over ice

Dietary: No sulfites, vegetarian, vegan

The Brewery


Located in Nada, Hyogo, one Japan's most famous sake producing regions, Takara is a producer of sake, shochu and other Japanese delicacies. This brewery produces consistently award-winning premium sake with distinctive production methods such as kimoto and muroka genshu.

At a glance:

  • Brewing since 1842, using the hard water of Miyamizu, uniquely suited to sake production

  • One of the longest gold medal streaks of any brewery in the Annual Japan Sake Awards

  • A master of the rare traditional kimoto style producing unique flavours