Shirakabegura MIO Dry Sparkling Sake 300ml

Shirakabegura MIO Dry Sparkling Sake 300ml


Size: 300ml   | ABV: 5%

In 3 words: Dry, fruity bubbles

This is drier and lighter than regular Mio, with a light nose of apple. Delicate and subtle on the palate with a hint of sweetness. This elegant sweet and mellow sparkling sake with light alcohol is a great intro into sake for those who already enjoy their bubbles!

  • Style: Sparkling

  • Brewery: Shirakabegura (Takara)

  • Region: Hyogo

  • Rice polishing: 60%

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Sparkling sake pairing with canapes

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Product Details

Sweet or dry: Sweet

Body: Medium to full

Acidity*: 4

Sake Meter Value -70

Food Pairing: Best served as an aperitif

Serving temp: Chilled

Dietary: No sulfites, no preservatives. vegetarian, vegan

The Brewery


Located in Nada, Hyogo, one Japan's most famous sake producing regions, Shirakabegura is part of the Takara group producing sake, shochu and other Japanese delicacies. This brewery produces consistently award-winning premium sake with distinctive production methods such as kimoto and muroka genshu, as well as the popular MIO sparkling sake.

At a glance:

  • Brewing since 1842, using the hard water of Miyamizu, uniquely suited to sake production

  • One of the longest gold medal streaks of any brewery in the Annual Japan Sake Awards

  • A master of the rare traditional kimoto style producing unique flavours