Nanbu Bijin Honjozo 720ml

Nanbu Bijin Honjozo 720ml


Size: 720ml   | ABV: 15%

In 3 words: Gold medal Honjozo

This great value, gold medal Muroka (unfiltered) Honjozo boasts an aromatic nose of peach and cereal. Well rounded and velvety in texture, this beautiful sake deftly marries rice and rich fruit flavours.

  • Grade: Honjozo (Muroka)

  • Award: International Wine Challenge 2016 (Gold)

  • Brewery: Nanbu Bijin

  • Region: Iwate

  • Rice polishing: 60%

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Sake pairing with steak

Try pairing me with ribeye steak

Product Details

Rice variety: Hitomebore

Sweet or dry: Dry

Body: Medium to full

Acidity: 1.3

Sake Meter Value +5

Food Pairing: Ideal for BBQ grilled meat with cold side salads. Savory foods make it taste sweeter, more fruity and fresh.

Serving temp: Chilled to warm

Dietary: No sulfites, no preservatives. vegetarian, vegan

The Brewery

Nanbu Bijin

Founded in 1902 in Ninohe city, Iwate, the original brewery, Kuji Shuzo, was named after founding Juji family and originally produced soy sauce.

At a glance:

  • Multi-award winning brewery and headline IWC 2017 winner

  • Use local, specially developed rice

  • Passionate about local area

  • Experiments with new technology